Forklift Training (Feb21)

Forklift Training (Feb21)

First and Third Thursday of every month

  • Starts: Feb. 21, 2019, 8 a.m.
  • Ends: Feb. 21, 2019, noon
  • Public price: $95.00
  • Category: None

Did You Know That Your Employees are required to carry a License to Operate a Lift Truck?

Part 1910.178/powered industrial trucks (iii):

“An evaluation of each powered industrial truck operator’s performance shall be conducted at least once every three (3) years” Employer’s failure to provide proof of training & certification of their employees at time of OSHA inspection/investigation (if an incident occurs) can result in a fine of $7,000 per operator.

After taking an Operator Safety Training Course, operators will know:

The characteristic of a professional operator

  • How to identify key components and their functions
  • The information contained on vehicle capacity plates and how they affect vehicle operation
  • Safe operating procedures when traveling, handling loads and working in aisles
  • The appropriate action in case of a tip over
  • How to perform a preoperational walk-around inspection
  • The Importance of studying the lift truck’s operator manual
Place: Kelly Tractor Facilities: 8205 NW 58 St Miami, FL 33166
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