232-301, Duty Drawback & Tariff Classification Seminar

232-301, Duty Drawback & Tariff Classification Seminar

Riviera Beach, FL

  • Starts: March 19, 2019, 8:30 a.m.
  • Ends: March 19, 2019, 11:30 a.m.
  • Public price: $85.00
  • Category: None
* What will happen to anyone that falls under Part 232 and what can be done 
* The full breakdown of the new Part 301 tariff and evaluation of the three lists .
*Methods to obtain refunds on Part 301 and what can be done to get these done quickly and efficiently
* What these changes will mean for your business 
* How and why you need to get started


* Who qualifies for drawback
* What types of drawback are available and applicable to my operations
* Required documentation for compliance
* Current laws applicable to drawback
* Law changes that will become effective February 24, 2018
* Concerns, suggestions, options and opportunities under the new law changes
* Determine if current rules or new rules maximize your drawback for one year transitional period
* Review guidelines for proper classification and prioritization process
* Guidance and best practices to ensure companies are in compliance utilizing the
GRI guidelines
* Mandatory guidelines in data gathering, review and following procedures to
ensure accuracy in classification
* Shared responsibilities for both broker and importer of record in the classification
* Resolution of misclassification through PSC's and Protests

Troy Larkin, Drawback Consultant, CITTA Brokerage
Chandler Larkin, Drawback Consultant, CITTA Brokerage
Chelsea Geer, Classification Consultant, CITTA Brokerage

Place: Port of Palm Beach Conference Room One East 11th St Ste 600 Riviera Beach, FL 33
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