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CBP Call on Hurricane Irma Impact and ACE Filings

Last update on Sept. 7, 2017.

CBP Call on Hurricane Irma Impact and ACE Filings

In a conference call to the Trade on Wednesday, September 6, CBP's Trade Transformation Office detailed necessary procedures for cargo destined to U.S. ports that are closed due Hurricane Irma. In the wake of Hurricane Harvey, diversion of cargo to open ports was a key factor in allowing trade to continue to operate in the face of the closures of Texas and Louisiana seaports.
CBP recognizes that the current extraordinary weather situation created by Hurricane Irma may cause many ocean vessels to divert from their intended port of unlading to other port locations for discharge purposes. To ensure ...

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New ACE Programming Update

Last update on Aug. 24, 2017.

New ACE Programming Update

CSMS #17-000511

Title: Info Notice for September Capabilities and New Date for December Statements Deployment
Date: 8/23/2017 12:15:03 PM
To: Automated Broker Interface, ACE Portal Accounts, ACE Reports, New ACE Programming, Trade Policy Updates
Details regarding the September 16, 2017 deployment of Non-ABI Entry Summary/Lineless (for CBP
only), Duty Deferral, e214 (electronic Foreign Trade Zone admission) and Manufacturer ID Creation on September 16, 2017 has also been posted and can be found in the Deployment G2 Information Notice located under the news section at or by copying the following link into ...

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