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CBP’s 21st Century Customs Framework

Last update on Feb. 22, 2019.

CBP’s 21st Century Customs Framework

By: Lenny Feldman, FCBF Legal Counsel

CBP has identified six key themes for which CBP seeks public input:

Emerging Roles in the Global Supply Chain: Due to technological advances and new modes of conducting business, the modern international trade environment is marked by emerging actors and dynamic supply chains. How can CBP ensure all parties in the modern supply chain are accounted for and held responsible?

Intelligent Enforcement: CBP’s efforts on intelligent enforcement are anchored on further improving risk management and the impact of efforts to detect high-risk activity, deter non-compliance and disrupt fraudulent behavior. How can CBP better utilize technology, big data, and predictive analytics to protect Americans and the U.S. economy?

Cutting Edge Technology: One of the defining features of the modern trade environment is the rapid emergence of new technology. Which technologies should CBP explore to improve trade facilitation and trade enforcement activities?

Data Access and Sharing: The volume and types of data and the speed at which the data can be transmitted create a valuable opportunity for CBP and trade stakeholders. How can CBP make data sharing more efficient? What avenues are there for data sharing which could improve both trade enforcement and trade facilitation?

21st Century Trade Processes: CBP will be refining certain import processes to better reflect the modern trade environment, improve the experience of importers, brokers, and other important actors in the supply chain, and increase overall efficiency. Which trade processes are overly burdensome or outdated?

Self-funded Customs Infrastructure: New requirements affecting CBP, Partner Government Agencies (PGA), and trade industry will necessitate updates to the Automated Commercial Environment (ACE) outside of reoccurring maintenance. What other avenues should CBP pursue to ensure that the ACE has a consistent stream of funding for enhancements and new functionalities?

Lenny Feldman, FCBF Legal Counsel
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