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Andrew Margolis Farewell Letter

Last update on Feb. 15, 2019.

Andrew Margolis Farewell Letter

Dear FCBF Members and Friends,

After 32 years with the FMC, the past 23 as the South Florida Representative, I decided to retire effective earlier this year. It was truly an honor representing the FMC all of these years. By far the most rewarding and enjoyable part of my job came from working with the dedicated and hard working men and women that comprise the South Florida shipping community. I will miss working closely with Barbara Pimentel and her wonderful team at the FCBF, and participating in various committees and events.

Unfortunately, the government shutdown prevented me from calling and visiting the many people I got to know so well over the years. Hopefully, I will make it to some events and get to see everyone again. Over the years, so many forwarders and NVOCCS and steamship line staff came up to me at conferences and functions, offering thanks for some guidance I had given or problem I tried to help solve. The truth is that I owe the people of this industry so much more for placing their trust in me and for continuing to give meaning and purpose to my career right up until the end. As I head to the golf course and the beaches, I leave you in the capable hands of my co South Florida Area Representative, Eric Mintz. Eric’s email is Feel free to contact Eric, but also please do not hesitate to contact me if the need arises. Plus, it will be great hearing from you. Much health and happiness to everyone.

My contact information:
Mobile: (305) 772-6842


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