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Overland Committee Report 012019

Last update on Jan. 11, 2019.

Overland Committee Report 012019

Greetings and a Happy New Year to all;
2018 saw many challenges to logistics including, Driver shortages, Rate hikes, big demand for trucks and an unstable political system, computer hacking, Electronic log implementation, Flagler adding almost 1 million square ft of warehouses and a stock market roller coaster ride.
As we enter 2019 many of the same issues continue to challenge the logistics business. ELD’s (Electronic logo Data) will see some changes to the new regulations take effect.
Some carriers managed this requirement by using smart phones to track a driver’s time behind the wheel. Those carriers will be switched to another system called ARBOD. Carriers that are using a centralized system like qualcomm will need to upgrade older in cab equipment to connect to this system.
One big change is that as of December 5th, when the truck starts its engine and moves even a few feet the tracking system begins, and it requires a qualified driver to log the movement. This becomes an issue when a driver is in a parking lot looking for a space or when a truck needs service in the maintenance area. Time will tell how this works out.
We do not expect to see a big spike in base rates and in fact there is some speculation that a softening economy might tip the scales back to a shipper’s market. The spot market, however will remain fluid and what the market will bear.
And just in time for this report Tesla announced more positive news regarding it’s autonomous long- haul trucks. This is almost like a dream that trucks will one day, in the not so distant future, be logging miles with no drivers!
Happy to report that there is nothing to report about trucking at Ports.


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