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General Order

Last update on Aug. 29, 2018.

General Order

Information provided by Eric L. Garcia, CIPS
Docs To Submit for G.O.
For a proper, approved G.O. Notification
Please submit the following:

• Master Bill of Lading / Master Airway Bill
• House Bill of Lading / House Airway Bill
• Any in-bond movements (7512, 6043, etc)
• Any Lien you may have on an updated CBP Form 3485 which is available at or our website
• Any and all HAZMAT Declaration Forms (if applicable)
• Any commercial invoices or packing lists to help identify cargo (if available)
• Any and all importer contact information available not already listed on bills of lading

PLEASE list Master Bill of Lading/Master Airway Bill and the House Bill of Lading/House AWB (if applicable) in the subject lien of notification emails. This is needed for tracking purposes.

ONLY 1 General Order Notification Per Email
House Bills of Lading on the same Master must be notified separately.

FOLLOW UP If cargo is not picked up from your facility after 7 calendar days, it is your responsibility to follow up with G.O. Management or CBP.

General Order procedures require that imported goods be entered within 15 calendar days of landing at place of unlading.(19CFR4.37)

Within 20 calendar days of lading, the carrier or bonded facility must notify CBP of any non-entered merchandise in writing or CBP approved electronic communications method.

Failure to provide notification to CBP and a General Order Warehouse may result in an administrative penalty of up to $1,000.00 per bill of lading per notification. (TD98-74)

Notification to GOMS takes care of BOTH requirements.

General Order Management Services
Equitably representing the
G.O. warehouses of Miami since 1995


Tel: (305) 358-0205
Fax: (305) 379-7376
Toll Free Fax: (888) 463-1177
Contacts: Eric Garcia G.M. & Rosangela Baez

All forms and instruction on our website


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