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Agriculture Reimbursable Overtime (AG-ROT) Vessel Boarding and Clearance

Last update on Feb. 2, 2018.

Agriculture Reimbursable Overtime (AG-ROT) Vessel Boarding and Clearance

This information bulletin serves as a reminder that Agriculture Reimbursable Overtime (AG-ROT) charges may be incurred due to an agriculture boarding and clearance to include vessels utilizing C-TPAT / Advanced Qualified Unlading Approval and Vessel Arrival Notification.

Effective immediately; charges for vessels requiring Customs and Border Protection (CBP) agriculture clearance performed under AG-ROT fees will be based upon the Notice of Arrival (NOA) received.

Updates or changes to vessel arrivals after normal hours of operation will be reviewed and processed under AG-ROT and assigned for a minimum two-hour block. Agriculture Specialists will report to the Port Everglades (PEV) CBP offices at the assigned time. Vessel arrivals will be closely monitored. Changes to the vessel arrival must be provided as soon as possible and within this two hour assignment period.

To ensure proper notification is received, ship's agents will email the following accounts and provide telephonic notification as outlined below:

For the vessel arrivals that do not arrive timely, the vessel's clearance may be deferred for agriculture inspection until normal hours of operation; however, the vessel operator or agent will be required to reimburse CBP for the overtime services incurred under AG-ROT.

As a reminder, please provide vessel arrival notification electronically through your vessel agents 24 hours in advance of arrival to include:

• Arrival date and time (estimated time of arrival changes by more than one hour)
• Carrier name
• Vessel name and International Maritime Organization (IMO) Number
• Voyage number
• Vessel Agency name and point of contact information
• Last foreign port
• Berth of arrival
• Requested unlading time
• Request for garbage offload
• Number of passengers/crew aboard the vessel

Should you have any further questions, please contact Customs and Border Protection Chief Agriculture Specialists Jacquelyn Slater-Kanaley at 305-407-4237 or Morris Bigham at 305-849-3906

Dylan J. De Francisci
Port Director
Port Everglades/Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport


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