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First Electronic Customs Broker Exams Set for October 25

Last update on Sept. 21, 2017.

First Electronic Customs Broker Exams Set for October 25

CBP will administer the first electronic Customs Broker License Examination on October 25. Interested applicants have until September 22 to register for the upcoming exam. The transition from a written to electronic exam is part of CBP's efforts to modernize trade operations.

"CBP is pleased to offer an all-electronic version of the Customs Broker Exam to the more than 2,500 people who take the exam each year," said Brenda Smith, Executive Assistant Commissioner, Office of Trade. "The modernized exam will provide for faster exam results to examinees and quicker results on appeals while being more cost efficient for ...

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CBP Call on Hurricane Irma Impact and ACE Filings

Last update on Sept. 7, 2017.

CBP Call on Hurricane Irma Impact and ACE Filings

In a conference call to the Trade on Wednesday, September 6, CBP's Trade Transformation Office detailed necessary procedures for cargo destined to U.S. ports that are closed due Hurricane Irma. In the wake of Hurricane Harvey, diversion of cargo to open ports was a key factor in allowing trade to continue to operate in the face of the closures of Texas and Louisiana seaports.
CBP recognizes that the current extraordinary weather situation created by Hurricane Irma may cause many ocean vessels to divert from their intended port of unlading to other port locations for discharge purposes. To ensure ...

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