About us

The Florida Customs Brokers & Forwarders Association, Inc. was founded in 1960 by a handful of Miami brokers & forwarders. FCBF has since grown into the most influential and active representative body of the Florida freight forwarding and customs brokerage community. Through its numerous committees of volunteer professionals, the FCBF represents our industry on matters that directly affect the trade arena.

It has been the commitment of FCBF to foster communications between the trade community and the federal agencies in order to expand Florida’s trading communities at the local, state, and national level. FCBF seeks to maximize the ability of the State of Florida to effectively compete for international trade resources and to minimize the barriers for its members. Through constant communication with various state and federal agencies we help by participating in the development of international trade policies.

The FCBF offices are headquartered in the city of Doral, which also houses the CBP Seaport Operations (SCC) which is conveniently located inside the Miami Free Trade Zone building this setup helps the broker community by facilitating a quicker turn around time for the processing of documentation. FCBF works closely with the different governmental agencies to provide current and informative updates and agency related policies that disseminate through the FCBF information highways.

Board of Directors

Lourdes Leon Profile Picture

Lourdes Leon


Gabriel Rodriguez Profile Picture

Gabriel Rodriguez

1st VP Freight Forwarding

Jenette Prince Profile Picture

Jenette Prince

2nd VP Customs

Iliana Alvarez Profile Picture

Iliana Alvarez


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Armando Varona


Hilda Rodriguez Profile Picture

Hilda Rodriguez

Chairman of the Board

Brian Abbott Profile Picture

Brian Abbott

Safety & Security Committee Chair

Stefan Ahrens Profile Picture

Stefan Ahrens

Board Member

Stephen Armellini Profile Picture

Stephen Armellini

Overland Committee Chair

George Arocha Profile Picture

George Arocha

Board Member

William Brauner Profile Picture

William Brauner

Government Affairs Co-Chair

Errol Campbell Profile Picture

Errol Campbell

Board Member

Patricia Compres Profile Picture

Patricia Compres

USDA Sub Committee Chair

Jonathan Cooper Profile Picture

Jonathan Cooper

Board Member

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Ralph De La Rosa

Board Member

Rick Knowles Profile Picture

Rick Knowles

Board Member

Jesus Rodriguez Profile Picture

Jesus Rodriguez

Board Member

Frank Santeiro Profile Picture

Frank Santeiro

Education Committee Co-Chair

Brandon Shannon Profile Picture

Brandon Shannon

Board Member

Lenny Feldman Profile Picture

Lenny Feldman

Legal Counsel & Education Committee Co-Chair

Barbara Pimentel-Talleda Profile Picture

Barbara Pimentel-Talleda

Executive VP/Director