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Invitation To Participate in Account Management Pilot for the Import Trade Auxiliary Communication System

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Federal Register | Invitation To Participate in Account Management Pilot for the Import Trade Auxiliary Communication System

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is announcing that it intends to conduct a pilot program to test and evaluate a new Import Trade Auxiliary Communication System (ITACS) Account Management function. Participation will be needed from a small group of Filers, Importers of Record, and Consignees, who will use the new ITACS Account Management function and provide feedback to FDA. FDA is inviting individual firms that wish to participate in this pilot program to submit participation requests via email.

Federal Register | Invitation To Participate in Account Management Pilot for the Import Trade Auxiliary Communication System

To be considered for participation in this ITACS pilot, please send an email with the subject line “ITACS Pilot Participation Request” to itacssupport@fda.hhs.gov by July 7, 2016. Please limit participation requests to one individual per firm at the corporate level. That person should be a high-ranking individual within the firm who could have the capability to create and manage ITACS accounts for other users at different locations within the same firm. FDA expects to select nine or fewer participants for this pilot program.

Please include the following information in your pilot participation request email:

  • Your name, position, and contact information including email;
  • your firm’s name and address; and
  • your firm’s role in the importation of FDA-regulated entries (Filer, Importer of Record, Consignee, or any combination thereof).Show citation box

FDA will contact volunteers selected for participation in the pilot program via email within 2 weeks of the closure of the solicitation period.

Relocation of U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Miami Wildlife Inspection Office

June 20, 2016

To:  All Interested Parties

Subject: Relocation of U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Miami Wildlife Inspection Office

Public Bulletin-Relocation of U S Fish and Wildlife Service WI Office

Please note that on Tuesday June 28, 2016 the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service Miami Wildlife Inspection Office will be moving to a different location. The new address will be:

U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service

3701 N.W. 82nd Ave.

Doral, FL. 33166

From that day forward all physical documents, correspondences, and inquiries should be brought, sent, or directed to this address for processing. Please note that the current office telephone numbers[(305) 526-2620, 526-2991, 526-2992, and 526-2994], fax number[(305) 526-7480], and email address [miami_wlinspectors@fws.gov] will remain the same. Likewise the core office hours of 8:00am-4:00pm Monday-Friday will remain in place. Please be aware that on Monday June 27, 2016 and possibly for a portion if not for that entire week you may experience difficulties in reaching us through our regular office telephone numbers. If so please contact us at our after hours duty number which is (305) 632-4824  for assistance. Also note that due to the logistics and activities associated with the relocation there could be periods when responses to these calls are delayed. As such your patience during this time is appreciated.




U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service

Miami Office of Law Enforcement

Conference of the Americas Nov. 13-15, 2016


June 29th, 2016

Sample Questions to be Addressed:

-What should a broker do when it receives a Notice of Detention from CBP?

-How can you reduce a penalty or claim issued by CBP?

-Did the creation of the CEEs change the petition procedure of FP&F?

-What is a prior disclosure, and when should I submit one to CBP?

-If CBP denies a claim by the importer for duty free benefits under a free trade agreement, did the importer commit fraud?

-When does BIS issue penalties to a freight forwarder for export violations?

-Do I really have to pay a $5,000 penalty for a simple AES mistake?

-CBP & CPSC Representatives invited to speak

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If you would like your company to be added in additional categories (Freight Forwarder, Customs Broker, etc.) please write to events@fcbf.com; however, please be advised that if a license is required for yet another category of your choice you must fax a copy of the license to 305-499-9491.

Important:  In order to appear in the 2016-2017 FCBF Resource Guide, your membership fees must be up-to-date.  Please feel free to contact our offices immediately, should you have any questions regarding the status of your membership, and contact us for any further questions that you might have. We look forward to hearing from you soon.

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